Having amassed more than 40 years of shared professional experience spanning the fields of construction and technology, our team has become acutely aware of a compelling necessity for growth and education regarding the significance of thermographic inspections. The intersection of these two sectors presented a unique opportunity, one that we are keen to seize and develop.

At the heart of thermographic inspections is infrared thermographic inspection equipment. This equipment includes an imaging camera designed to perceive and record the otherwise invisible infrared radiation emitted by all objects. This crucial functionality allows us to visualize and assess the thermal performance of the structures in a non-invasive and highly efficient manner.

The imaging output of this equipment is color-coded, with each color signifying a particular temperature range. This color palette enables us to identify any discrepancies or abnormalities present in, on, or around the property that could point to underlying issues. As such, this technology provides an innovative and invaluable tool for preventative maintenance and fault detection.

In order to competently and confidently operate this technology, our team has undertaken comprehensive training. Through this commitment to ongoing learning, we have developed a robust knowledge base and have honed our expertise in leveraging this innovative technology. Now, equipped with the latest Infrared Thermographic Technology, we are capable of diagnosing a diverse array of potential issues that may not be discernible through traditional methods.

Our dedication to expanding the use of this technology is rooted in our belief in its transformative potential for the industry. We stand ready to utilize our knowledge and expertise to ensure the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your property.