Thermographic Inpection Laval

Now servicing Kanata and the greater Ottawa area, Thermo Elite Inc. provides infrared inspections for both residential and commercial buildings.

Thermo Elite Inc. is considered a leader in infrared thermography inspections within Canada. We have a team of experienced and professional thermal inspectors who will provide unmatched customer service. Rest assured we also offer very competitive prices.

The use of thermal imaging technology in building inspections has become one of the most useful diagnostic methods available. A thermal imaging camera can detect problems early on, allowing them to be documented and fixed before they become more complex and expensive to repair.

How are the thermal images generated?

Thermal inspectors use a thermal imaging camera to capture images of an object. It catches thermal images that include accurate temperature data. These thermal images provide the inspection team with important information about the insulation conditions, moisture ingress, mould development, electrical faults, the presence of thermal bridges, and the conditions of HVAC systems in your building.

Benefits of thermographic inspection

There are many benefits of a thermographic inspection. It helps in the identification of defective wiring, breakers, and fuses, as well as hidden moisture that can lead to mould growth. You can detect pipe and ductwork leaks, as well as roof and ceiling leaks with a thermographic inspection. Foundation cracks, heat/energy loss in the building structure, missing insulation, and ventilation issues can all be easily identified as well. For more details, please contact us at 1-844-969-5150 or email us at [email protected].

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