Thermographic Inpection Laval

Thermo Elite Inc. offers a wide range of on-location thermographic inspection services in Mansfield. We are the leading thermographic inspection company that provides a full range of top-quality thermal imaging inspections to both residential and commercial properties. All our thermal inspection services are available at reasonable prices and have always made customer satisfaction the top priority in our business.

Thermography helps in discovering hidden electrical issues, structural defects, moisture, and insulation problems without breaking down walls. It works as a maintenance program that helps you find our issues before they cause any major harm.

How does it work?

Thermal inspections are carried out with the use of our high-end infrared cameras.

These infrared cameras measure the difference in thermal energy released by objects. The colours in the images reflect different levels of heat, indicating hot and cold areas. A trained thermographer can easily interpret these images and spot hidden problems such as electrical failures, moisture detection, water leakage, etc.

A trained thermographer will spot issues such as:

  • Moisture in walls
  • Leaks in ducts and plumbing
  • Insulation issues
  • In-floor and under-floor heating
  • Air leakage through external walls
  • Incorrect heat leakage from appliances and electrical circuits
  • Window sealant issues

Why choose us?

Being a team of professional and experienced thermal inspectors, we know how to provide you with accurate results. We use high-quality equipment and provide a comprehensive report of our inspections. Our services are prompt and cost-effective.

Contact us to schedule your inspection and get a quote!

Our thermographic services are now available in Mansfield, Ontario. To know more please call us at 1-844-969-5150.

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