Thermographic Inspection Cost

Get thermographic inspection in Ahuntsic from the leading thermal imaging company Thermo Elite Inc. We have the best team of engineers who are all certified and experienced to provide you an excellent customer experience. With the help of best thermal imaging equipments and infrared camera of highest grades we can quickly and easily indicate insulation problems of buildings. Our service is available for commercial, residential, and industrial building structures at very affordable prices.

Thermopgraphic inspection is a non destructive technique that helps you identify the hidden problems of your building or property. These problems are not easy to find with naked eyes but can be easily identified with thermal imaging. With the help of thermographic inspection it is very easy to find out the construction faults like thermal bridges, poor insulation or air leakages in the building.

Why carry Out Building Thermographic inspections?

Thermographic inspection helps in a great way for domestic and commercial properties. It helps you know where heat loss is occurring in the property so that you can fix the issue for comfortable living and working environment. Also, you can easily identify the faulty electrical wire issues in the building, pest infestation, drain inspection, roof leakage issues, etc. Thermographic inspection help you find out issues like water leakage, mold and moisture issue, electric damages, and high energy consumption areas have proved to be very useful in emission control and using tool of predictive maintenance to eliminate the additional costs.

We offer following Thermographic inspection services in Ahuntsic:-

  1. Drain inspections and drain location
  2. Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection
  3. Thermographic Residential & Commercial Heat Loss Inspection
  4. Thermal Imaging For In-Floor Heating
  5. Thermal Imaging For Rodent And Insect Detection
  6. Thermographic Water Leak Detection
  7. Thermography Wall Inspection

If you want more information about thermographic inspection then you can call us at 514-969-5150 or you can simply email us at [email protected].

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