Residential In Floor Heating Service

If you are having problems with your in-floor heating it’s safe to assume you do not want to rip up your floor. With our infrared thermal cameras, we can pinpoint the exact break in the heating line or locate the in-floor thermostat saving you a lot of time, money and stress.

In-Floor Heating

In-Floor Heating Systems

In-Floor heating is a great alternative to plug-in heaters.  It is actually the best option if you need to heat up a large space. In-floor heating consists of electric coils or heated water tubes placed under your floors. The hot coils or tubes keep heat radiating into the house from the floor.

Just like any other system in the house, in-floor heating systems are prone to defects. Some of the coils could become faulty and stop heating. That would mean energy is still getting used up, but you are not getting optimum heat in the house. If you have a water tube system, the tubes could get cracks, and start leaking the water.

In-Floor Heating in Kitchen

You wouldn’t detect these kinds of faults immediately since the coils and tubes are under the floor. They might go on for a long time and have you paying high electricity bills. Water leaks from the tubes could cause a lot of damage as well. The best way to ensure you capture faults before they cause any damages is to schedule periodic infrared thermographic inspections.

Infrared Thermographic Inspections for In-Floor Heating

Infrared thermographic inspections make use of infrared radiation to detect thermal variations in different objects that are in the same space. The infrared thermographic inspection technology takes advantage of the differences in thermal emissivity of different objects to determine abnormalities. Any objects that emit or absorbs heat has an infrared emissivity. Emissivity is the measure of the amount of infrared radiation emitted by an object.

Infrared thermographic inspection equipment consists of an imaging camera that detects infrared radiation around objects. It produces graphic images of the objects in different colors depending on their emissivity. The different colors allow our inspectors to detect fault coils or tubes in your in-floor heating system.

A faulty coil will obviously be cooler than the other coils around. It will, therefore, appear to be different on the infrared thermographic imaging camera. The inspection is carried out when the system is switched on, in order for there to be a significant temperature difference between the faulty coils and the perfect ones.

The same case goes for faulty water tubes. If they have cracks or holes water will start leaking, and cold water flows in to fill the space left. That means that part of the tube will always have a lower temperature than the rest. Our infrared thermographic imaging specialists will easily detect such spots. The inspectors will also be looking for moisture around the pipes and other areas under the floor. There certainly will be a wet area if the water tubes have been leaking.

We are one of the best infrared thermographic inspection specialists in the industry. We have fully embraced this revolutionary technology because it is very precise and accurate. We are able to pick out every faulty piece in your in-floor heating system. As mentioned above, crack and breaks in an in-floor heating system might seem like subtle problems, but they will either make you pay massive energy bills for months or cause very expensive damage to your floor.

Why Do You Need Professional Inspectors?

Trying to make use of this advanced technology without proper training would be a wrong move, as the images produced by the imager only makes sense to specialists, who have studied and understood the dynamics of heat changes and infrared emissivity.

It is therefore important that you get in touch with professional inspectors such as us if you need suspect issues with your in-floor heating. We have a qualitative process of identifying all possible fault in your in-floor heating process. Our inspector will show up at your home, scan your whole floor, and capture footage and images of the heating system. The images and footage are then brought back to the office where a team of specialists will analyze them, and pinpoint any faults that might be there. They will also come up with possible solutions of the faults, and outline them as recommendations while preparing the final report.

The whole inspection process requires experienced inspectors because it is based on comparisons with expected temperature levels. In-floor heating faults, cracks, or breaks are often caused by worn-out materials. They could be a result of poor installation as well. Electrical faults could also cause a fault in the heating system. We are able to identify the cause of a fault or identify the exact leaking spot on water tubes after the inspection.

Get in touch today if it’s been a while since your in-floor heating system in your home was inspected.  Keep in mind that these systems use electricity. As such, faulty systems could pose a danger of electric fires. Our inspection services include providing recommendations for a conclusive solution which will ensure you do not have to deal with such faults again in a very long while.