The Unseen Benefits of Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal Imaging inspection which is also referred to as Infrared Thermography is a non-invasive method of acquiring and then analyzing the thermal information from the objects or materials in the surrounding. This technology makes use of an infrared camera that is known for producing images of the heat radiation or the invisible infrared. The infrared or thermal energy is a light that is not visible through naked eyes. One of the reasons for the same is because the wavelength of this light is too long to get detected by naked eye. Every object whether living or non-living is known to emit some energy. The energy can be in the form of “heat” or “cold”.

The Unseen Benefits of Thermal Imaging Inspections

How can thermal imaging help?

The process of thermal imaging inspection is a non-destructive method that makes use of an infrared thermography camera. The device is said to gather the changes in the temperature signatures which are near and also those which are far beyond the range of visible light. The device then analyses the data that it has captured. This data is helpful in identifying any existing problems before they turn out to be serious and damaging. Carrying out infrared testing would mean adding an invaluable part of the dimension to the property and also it can be a part of preventive maintenance program.


Thermal Imaging Inspection comes along with varied benefits. Some of the benefits are seen and some are unseen benefits. Today let us go through some of those invaluable benefits provided by Thermal Imaging.

Money Saver:

The use of thermal imaging inspection at home, office or any property can lead to early detection of any faults either in the system, structure or component. Note that thermal imaging cannot predict the future. It can only detect the problem if it is existing currently. Once the problem has been detected, it becomes easier for the client to make a quick plan and work on the remedial measures. The earlier a problem is detected, the better it is to work on maintaining it else it can lead to damage beyond proportion. You can save upon thousands of dollars when a problem is detected earlier. Hence if you are a prospective buyer, it is advisable to carry out a thermal imaging inspection during the initial stage itself. Also as part of maintenance, one can periodically carry out this inspection to detect any current problems.

Completely Non-Invasive:

Thermal imaging technique is a 100% non-invasive method of inspecting any premises. It mostly makes use of the infrared camera which is a passive device that can detect the presence of any infrared energy which gets emitted from the surface of any object. During the thermal survey carried out on the property, there is no harm done to any object or none of the equipment and components are damaged.

Efficiency & Speed:

It has been seen that when compared to the conventional method of inspection, the use of thermal imaging is known to be fast and accurate. The infrared camera used in the thermal survey helps in quickly scanning of the objects and at the same time measuring the changes in the temperature distribution. The process is quite simple and there is no lengthy preparation attached to it. Since this is done by a machine, the results are accurate. The device can easily scan and read the data of objects which are at height or far off.

Hidden Issues can be easily identified:

There were certain limitations associated with conventional method of inspection. One would only provide data on the visible aspect of the property. But there were a lot of hidden spots that would go unnoticed and if there were problems persisting in these areas then it would cause huge damage in the future. But thanks to thermal imaging inspection method, one can easily identify the presence of any potential defects within the heat that is spread across the premises. Water leaks, moisture issues, energy loss, faulty electrical components, pest infestations are some of the common problems that can be identified by Thermal imaging technique.

Lightweight devices:

There are no heavy looking equipment or devices being used for inspection. Various manufacturers of thermal imaging device have ensured that the product is lightweight to use around. This device can be used for industrial as well as residential purposes. When the device is lightweight and portable, it becomes easier to carry and move around without any worry. It also helps in speeding up the process of inspection and ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved.

Plumbing System:

Thermal Imaging inspections can turn out to be a savior when it comes to identifying any issues occurring in the plumbing system. The use of infrared inspection can help in detecting where exactly the leaks are and the underlying problem leading to the leaks. Today, all of the modern houses are said to have proper drainage and water pipe which runs all over the premises. Over a period of time, these pipes are said to suffer from wear and tear. Also in a few cases, one or the other pipe can get damaged either due to weather or due to some human error. Once the damage occurs, it can lead to leakage in various parts of the house. For some, the leakages are easily visible hence can be repaired before it gets worse. But at times, some of the leakages are not easily visible hence the owner may suffer from huge losses when the issue becomes grave.

How Thermal Imaging used in Plumbing Inspection


It is a nightmare when you think about water leakage on the premises and every part of the house begins to flood. Gradually, over a period when these leakages are left unattended then it can turn out to be hazardous. Hence it is important to get any of such faults repaired immediately. But for the pipes which are hidden inside the walls or in the flooring, it becomes unlikely to notice any leaks.

Here comes thermal imaging inspection in the picture. The use of infrared thermography is known to be one of the best-proven ways to identify any kind of damage to the pipes. It is normal that the water stored in the pipes would have a different temperature than the air present outside. When you inspect the pipes with the infrared camera, any existing leaks can be easily detected with the help of color spots. The camera can also identify any wet patches present on the ceiling or the walls.

This technique saves you from the pain of tearing down the wall or opening up the ceiling to identify any leaks. As long as the temperature present inside the house is uniform, it becomes easier for the camera to get access of the pipe image irrespective of how deep they are located.

Insulation System:

For any property or home, the insulation system is of utmost importance. This becomes even more important when you are residing in an area where the weather conditions are extreme. When the weather outside is too hot or cold, then one normally takes refuge indoors. Hence it becomes extremely important to maintain optimum temperature indoors. A proper insulation system in the house would ensure that the conditions are well. The insulation should be such that none of the heat is getting lost. Improper insulation systems can lead to high energy bills.

Prior to the introduction of thermal imaging system, the methods of inspecting the insulation system were not much effective enough. Visually, it becomes impossible to detect any fault in the insulation system. Also, in certain cases by the time you become aware of any heat leakage coming through the walls, there would be detoriation of insulation over a long period of time.

The use of thermal imaging inspections has reduced quite a lot of burden. It has made easier to detect any kind of faults in the insulation system. However, there should be just one requirement. There should be significant amount of difference in the temperature level both indoors and outdoors. For example, when the outdoors is cold than the indoors should be warm. In such cases, it becomes easier to detect any leakage from the walls or ceilings with the help of infrared imaging. The warm air present indoors would try to escape from the leaks present when the outdoors temperature is cold.

The use of thermal imaging has made it easier to capture any leakages present in the insulation system. Once the problem area has been identified, it becomes easier to get it repaired in a timely manner. This would save you those hefty energy bills that otherwise had to be spent. Also another benefit is that you can peacefully live in the house that has a balanced temperature condition.

How does Thermal Imaging work?

The infrared cameras which are used in thermal imaging are commonly known for providing the variances in temperature along with the thermal patterns. The images that are displayed on the camera screen then help in detecting the existence of cold & hot spots. The cold spots occur due to irregular insulation or when there is moisture present on any object.When it comes to detecting the presence of moisture inside the wall, the evaporative moisture is known to cool down the surface of those objects. Dark blue spots appear on the camera screen when there are water spots on any object or material.

How does Thermal Imaging work

On the other hand, when there is moisture present on or near the roof then the infrared camera would display warm spots. Warm spots appear because the heat that is coming from the roof would lead to arise in the water temperature that gets trapped out there. Multiple variablesare involved which can turn out to be quite difficult to identify. Hence a skilled professional would be helpful in better understanding the results present on the screen. Once the underlying issue has been identified, the client can then work on getting it fixed.The device used in thermal imaging is very expensive but the time and effort spent on locating any hot or cold spots are worth the money spent on the device.


Thermal imaging system has now been widely introduced as part of most of the home, building or office inspection process. Due to its innumerable benefits, clients are relying on this technique so that they can save the unnecessary hassle of money and time.


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