Thermographic Inspection Cost

We offer thermographic inspection in Baie-D’Urfe. We are the thermographic inspection firm that can help you protect your residential as well as commercial properties. We offer thermographic inspection to both buildings as well as all kind of equipment, electrical and mechanical. Thermographic inspection helps you find out the problems that cannot be seen with naked eyes. The infrared imaging detects the issues that can get costly and tedious if not rectified at the earlier stages.

Thermal inspection can be performed on buildings as well as on wide range of devices. You don’t need to stop your ongoing work as inspection can be done easily when the devices are working. It will help you identify whether irregular heating conditions exist when the devices are working, if it exist then it can lead to a prompt electrical and mechanical failure.

Thermal inspection should be performed at least once in every year. It will help you to determine the condition of your equipment or building and you can easily work on the maintenance needs later.

After the inspection is done you will be provided with a detailed report that will let you know the problem, will help you identify where the problem is and we will recommend solutions for identified temperature abnormalities.

Why choose us for thermal Inspection?

We are a team of certified engineers and use advanced and high quality devices that provides accurate thermal inspection results. We follow all the guidelines established by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. We have years of experience in the field and have a long list of satisfied customers. Our work and inspection is done in a timely manner you will get completely satisfied with our work.

Please reach us at (514) 969-5150 or you can email us at [email protected].