Thermographic Inpection Laval

Blainville, an energetic city that harmoniously combines culture and nature, now has access to Thermo Elite Inc.’s superior inspection services. You can get in touch with us directly at 514-969-5150.

For Commercial Facilities:

Our services include meticulous electrical inspections, helping maintain the safe operation of your commercial facilities. We offer detailed roof inspections to detect any underlying issues. With commercial building envelope inspections, we ensure your building’s sustainability. Our commercial drone inspections give a bird’s-eye view of the entire property, facilitating thorough analysis. We are also adept at locating heat loss areas and identifying water leaks in commercial properties.

For Industrial Enterprises:

Thermo Elite Inc. provides a full suite of inspection services for industrial premises, encompassing electrical inspections, roof inspections, and building envelope inspections. Our drone technology offers an unrivalled perspective of the entire industrial site. Additionally, we offer inspections to identify areas of heat loss and detect water leaks, promoting efficient industrial operations.

For Residential Homes:

Our residential services include water leak detection and heat loss identification, helping you save on utilities and maintain your property’s integrity. We also offer in-floor heating inspection services to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency in your home.

Regarding Insurance Claims: Thermo Elite Inc. provides assistance with commercial and industrial electrical inspections insurance claims, and residential insurance claims, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate documentation.

Below is the list of few of the services that we offer in Blainville :-

  1. Thermal Imaging for in-floor heating
  2. Thermography Wall Inspection
  3. Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection
  4. Thermographic Water Leak

These are only few of our services that we provide here in Anjou. To know more about our thermal inspection, please call us at 514-969-5150 or simply email us at [email protected].