Thermographic Inspection Cost

Thermo Elite Inc. is now providing thermographic inspection in Côte-des-Neiges. Our service is high in demand in Côte-des-Neiges and today we have a long chain of returning customers too. We are in this business from last 40 years and have improved our services with time. Today we have the most experienced and certified team of thermal inspection engineers who will provide you accurate results of your building after inspection. We use high quality Infrared cameras for thermal imaging and help prospective sellers identify problems they are legally responsible for and helping buyers know what they are getting into. Our thermal inspection is available to commercial, residential, as well as industrial properties. You can use our thermal imaging service to inspect your whole building structure that includes /-itioning, appliances, and pools.

Above we have discussed few benefits of therm al imaging but other than this thermal inspection also helps building owners inspect termites and other insect infestations, mold, and fungus growth in the building, and also helps identify issues that are not visible to naked eyes such as faulty wires under concrete, drain location and inspection etc.

This technique is non destructive and inspection is done with the help of infrared cameras.  With the help of thermal imaging you can also easily identify the appliances and electric systems problems such as overheating or short circuit. Problems that are hard to identify with naked eyes such as roof or wall leaks, moisture etc. can be detected easily with thermal imaging and you can do all necessary repairs on time if you are aware about them.

To know more our service and thermographic inspection you can call us at (514) 969-5150 or simply email us at [email protected].