Thermographic Inpection Laval

We are offering thermographic inspection in Lasalle. We are a team of professional engineers, who are all certified, experienced and has provided excellent service and established an enviable reputation for first class work and client satisfaction. We are the leading thermographic inspection company that provides high class service with accurate results at very affordable prices in the market. We have long chain of existing clients and so far we have performed over hundreds of jobs in Lasalle.

Thermal imaging is a non destructive technique that helps you identify the hidden heat loss issues within your building or property. Many issues that are hard to identify with naked eyes such as faulty wires under concrete, heat loss in the building, drain inspection etc. can be easily identified with the help of thermal inspection. With the help of thermal imaging or inspection you can also identify areas of your building or property that have faulty steam traps, overheated electrical switchgear, and worn bearings. If your property is facing any heat loss issue or has moisture issue then it is easy to find out such problems or hidden moisture areas with the help of thermal inspection. It can easily find out problems from a leaking pipe to roofing issue.

The best thing about thermal inspection is that it is an easy and quick way to find out the problems within the building. This technique is totally not destructive and will easily spot those hard to find places that aren’t discernible to the naked eye.

Few of our thermal inspection services are listed below:-

  1. Thermal Imaging for in-floor heating
  2. Thermography Wall Inspection
  3. Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection
  4. Thermal Imaging for In-Floor Heating

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