Thermographic Inpection Laval

Get thermographic inspection in Laval at affordable prices from the thermographic imaging company. We offer wide range of services using latest and advanced infrared thermographic technology. With this non destructive technique you can come to know about the serious issues rising within your residential or commercial building. Many issues that are not visible to naked eyes are hard to find but thermal imaging makes it easy for you to detect those problems so that you can easily fix them before they get worse.

Our service is available to residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.  With the help of thermal imaging you can easily get to know about any leaks in radiant, electric wires, building heat lose, moisture in the building, you can detect and document structural deficiencies, detect electrical system overload, and much more.

It also helps you find out issues with electrical fuse boxes, overloaded electrical panels, and other electric problems that difficult to find with naked eyes. Without cutting or drilling your concrete walls you can identify the location of damaged electrical parts or wires with thermal imaging.  Our high quality infrared cameras can detect differentiating thermal patterns of buried heating pipes to pinpoint the exact piping locations and map radiant heat locations.

Below are some examples of common infrared inspection applications we provide:

  1. Thermal Imaging for in-floor heating
  2. Thermography Wall Inspection
  3. Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection
  4. Thermographic Water Leak Detection
  5. Infrared Thermographic Imaging for Wall Inspections

These are only few of our services that we provide here in Laval. We have the best team of engineers who are all certified and experienced in this field. Our rates are more affordable but our service will really exceed your expectation.

So if you are interested in thermographic inspection in Laval then please reach us at 514-969-5150 or simply email us at [email protected].