Thermographic Inspection Cost

If you are looking for a thermographic inspection in Pierrefonds then we provide evaluation at very affordable prices. We offer inspection to both interior and exterior of your commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The inspection will include the roof, basement, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, structure, and electrical fittings etc.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

With this advanced technology you can identify the serious issues that are hard to detect with naked eyes. This is a non-destructive technology that allows us to show you things about your home without breaking your walls or ceilings.  It is a very conventional inspection method available today. During the inspection our engineers will use high quality infrared images that will indentify all the hidden problems in the building by just identifying temperature differences along the finished surface of the walls and ceilings.

We have team of experts who are very experienced in thermal inspections. All our engineers are highly qualified and they all are certified. Our team use high quality infrared cameras that are very advanced and provides high resolution images.  With these IR cameras our engineers can easily and accurately diagnosis the wide range of building problems, including chronic leaks and moisture problems.

You should not forget that moisture in building materials can destroy structural integrity and produce mold. With proper inspection you can immediately overcome the situation and can easily save costly repairs. With the help of infrared camera you will easily come to know what is wet and what is dry as it will show the variations in temperature.

Infrared Thermography has proven to be effective in detecting potentially serious problems including:

So if you need any help with thermal inspection then please call us at 514-969-5150 or you can also email us at [email protected].