Thermographic Inspection Cost

We specialize in all types of thermographic inspections in Roxboro. Our services are available for either your home or business. We have some of the finest engineers in our team who are all certified as well as experienced with thermographic inspection. We use latest infrared thermographic technology that gives accurate results about the issues that needs to be fixed. Our prices are very affordable as compared to others.

Few of our thermographic services are listed below:-

Drain Inspections:-

Drain inspection is very much in demand these days as it is very essential for residential as well as commercial buildings. With the help of drain inspection you will come to know about the condition of your drain pipe so that you can fix them early before the condition gets worse.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection:-

Electrical systems are an essential part of any home or building. With the help of thermal inspection you can easily find out the fault in the electrical connections all over your home. Thermal inspection will help you find any overheating spot, leaking spot and damaged wires under the concrete.

Rodent and Insect Detection:-

With the help of thermal inspection you can easily find out where insects and rodents are hiding in your building. The infrared camera captures any thermal infrared emissions that are caused by heat changes. By knowing the exact location of these rodent and insects you can easily get rid of them.

Water Leakage Inspection:-

Water leakage is a serious issue as it causes many problems to any house owner. The reason for the water leakage can be broken pipes, defects in pipe joints etc. With the help of thermal inspection you can easily know the core of your water leakage problem without damaging your building.

These are only few of the benefits that thermographic inspection has. If you want any help with thermal imaging then you can reach us at (514) 969-5150 or you can simply put an email to us at [email protected].