Thermographic Inspection Cost

You can now get thermographic inspection in Snowdon at a very reasonable price. We here at Thermo Elite Inc. provide thermal imaging and inspection service to commercial, residential, as well as industrial properties at a very reasonable price. With the help of thermographic inspection you can detect many hidden issues with the building structure that are hard to find with naked eyes. Every homeowner or potential homes buyers must get thermographic inspection done regularly as it helps you identify many hidden issues with the building. Thermographic inspection is a non destructive technique and is a quick way to identify you property issues such as heat loss in the building, mold and moisture problems, detect termite nests, damp in walls and ceilings, subfloor moisture, leaking roofs, waterproofing issues and other construction problems.

Thermographic inspection is done with the help of Infrared cameras that provides high resolution thermal images of the building. Infrared camera measure surface temperatures that reveal flow or presence of heat in a particular section of wall, floor or ceiling and our engineer can easily identify the issues if any.

In addition, thermographic inspection is fast, reliable, efficient and accurate.

With the help of thermographic inspection you can easily identify following issues within the building:-

Above we have listed major issues that should be fixed at the earliest else they could cause expensive repairs later on. In addition, these could also endanger the health and safety of tenants and end users of the building.

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