Thermographic Inspection Cost

Premium Inspection Services in Ville-Marie by Thermo Elite Inc.

In the heart of Montreal, Ville-Marie, Thermo Elite Inc. extends its high-quality inspection services. To find out more about our offerings tailored to this iconic borough, please reach us at 514-969-5150.

Commercial Services for a Vibrant Borough

Keeping in step with the energetic commercial scene of Ville-Marie, we provide a suite of inspection services ranging from electrical inspections to comprehensive roof and building envelope assessments, all designed to safeguard your property and ensure your business thrives.

Our innovative drone technology offers a bird’s eye view of your property, a vital tool in this densely populated borough. With our expertise in identifying heat loss and diagnosing potential water leaks, we help enhance your property’s energy efficiency and prevent potential damage.

Industrial Services that Meet Your Expectations

Our industrial inspection services cater to the robust industrial sector of Ville-Marie. We offer a range of services, including electrical system inspections, roof evaluations, and building envelope assessments. Our advanced drone technology provides a comprehensive perspective of your property, aiding in the detection of heat loss and potential water leaks.