We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, e-transfer/interac and cheque.

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, e-transfer/interac and cheque.

Are you looking for thermographic inspection for your residential or commercial building? Do you live in or around Ficko? Here at Thermo Elite Inc., we are committed to providing you high-quality thermographic services for your roof, basement, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, foundation, electrical, and other interior and exterior systems of your building.

Infrared thermography is a noninvasive tool that can easily and accurately detect defects. Our inspection services and images display where the issues are. Our company also meets the necessary criteria for electrical inspections required by insurance companies.

Thermographic Inspection Cost Infrared is a useful method for Predictive Maintenance as well. We can:

  • Locate wet insulation on flat roofs and look for electrical issues.
  • Prevent failures, which will improve safety, reliability, and profits if you are running a business.
  • Help you find missing insulation in your building.
  • Assist in the quality control of new installations or repairs.
  • Save on insurance premiums by reducing the amount and severity of claims.
  • Help identify overloads, loose and defective components.
  • Pinpoint under slab leak source and prevent random digging.
  • Find leaks in hot water radiant heating systems, as well as find shorts in electrical radiant heating systems.

We specialize in both residential infrared thermal imaging and commercial building envelope evaluations. Our thermographic inspection team are level 2 certified thermographers with a wealth of industry knowledge. We use the best in thermal imaging high-resolution infrared thermography (IR) equipment. We have the data and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about the electrical systems of the building, roofs, plumbing leaks, moisture detection, and much more.

You can reach us at 1-844-969-5150 or you can simply email us at [email protected] to know more about our company.

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