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We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, e-transfer/interac and cheque.

Infrared inspections, also known as thermography, is a popular diagnostic method to detect issues that are not visible to naked eyes. Infrared inspections are cost-effective and non-destructive ways of detecting and documenting defects that are hidden.

Detecting Heat Loss Outside building Using Infrared Thermal Camera

The thermal imaging services mentioned below are some of our specialities.

  1. Electrical problems
  2. Heat loss detection
  3. In-floor heating
  4. Water leakage detection
  5. Wall inspections

At Thermo Elite Inc. we provide thermographic inspections for both residential as well as commercial buildings. During the thermal inspection, infrared cameras are used to diagnose a wide range of building problems, including chronic leaks and moisture problems. This is done in a quick, reliable, and accurate manner. This inspection gives the owner or customer a clear picture of the building’s structural integrity, allowing them to make informed decisions. Thermal inspections can find major hidden water intrusions within the building’s structure. This can save a huge sum of money due to early detection and repair.

How does Thermal Imaging work?

Thermography is the process of “seeing” and “measuring” thermal energy produced by an object using an infrared imaging and measurement camera. The camera aids the inspector in detecting temperature variations and anomalies that could be caused by moisture or other faults. As the temperature of two areas made of the same or similar materials changes, the area with the higher thermal mass changes temperature more slowly. Analyzing the temperature differences in thermal images, thermal inspectors can find the areas with faults, defects, or moisture leaks.

What tools are used for Thermal Imaging Inspection?

The Thermal Imager or thermal camera is the tool used for thermal imaging inspection. The camera captures thermal images of an object and those images are studied by an experienced thermal inspector to provide accurate data results.

Our thermographic services are now available in Gatineau, QC. To know more please call us at 1-844-969-5150.

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