Thermographic Electrical Commercial Insurance Survey

The popularity of thermographic inspections has completely changed the way insurance companies work. Today many insurance companies are looking for electrical commercial thermographic inspections as it provides better information about all the electrical components. It has been reported that failure of electrical components or short circuits is the major cause of fires in the buildings. With electrical thermographic inspections, insurance companies can easily get information about bad electrical panels, wirings, switches, faulty fuses, and information about other electrical components so that any serious issues can be fixed at early stages.

Today Thermo Elite Inc. is the leading thermal imaging company in Ottawa that provides the best thermographic commercial insurance surveys. We have the best team of experts and our inspection prices are also affordable than others. All our thermal imaging equipment is of high quality, especially our infrared cameras. We capture digital images of the area where inspection is carried out as and from these high-quality images we can provide the best and accurate results.

Infrared Electrical System Scan Reduces Risks

At Thermo Elite Inc. in Ottawa, we conduct electrical surveys on all the electrical systems of the buildings. By doing a thorough inspection we can detect any fault in the electrical systems and thus prevent an electrical fire. With the help of thermal imaging, we can detect faults that are often not visible to naked eyes as they may be hidden inside walls, ceiling, or floors. Once these are detected we can take corrective action before costly system failures occur.

Usually, the electrical faults cause fires in commercial sites and the reason behind them can be bad wiring, electricity overload, faulty fuse, or short circuits. Since these fires can be dangerous to the lives of people as well as to the property, it’s better we to inspect the whole electrical pattern of the building promptly. Thermal electrical inspections can give relief to both insurance companies as well as to property owners. For any insurance company, it is better to collaborate with a thermal imaging company like Thermo Elite Inc. as we can help them with regular electrical inspections of the commercial properties they insure.

For insurance companies, there are many benefits of working with Thermo Elite Inc. in Ottawa and these are as such:-

  • Protect the clients by guiding them in the prevention of electrical fires and other electrical issues.
  • Insurance companies can attract clients with reduced premiums if they go through thermal inspections.
  • Insurance companies can get a better estimation of the property value.

According to one major insurance company, faulty electrical connections were responsible for approximately 25% of all electrical failures. As a result, several insurance companies are now looking for thermographic electrical commercial insurance surveys. Few insurance companies are pushing their clients to get periodic infrared surveys done at their sites. Today thermography is the most advanced technology for electrical inspections that gives accurate results and is the most effective technology for preventing failures. Also, for any commercial site, there is no need to hold any operation when the inspection is conducted.

Electric faults detected with thermographic inspections

Thermal imaging offers a quick overview of the condition of electrical systems and it can help you detect:-

Connections and wiring issues

Using thermal imaging you can easily detect loose, over-tightened, or corroded connections with increased resistance. When there is any fault in wiring and connections, there will be increased current flow resistance. This raises the temperature at the point of the defect and it can be easily detected with thermal imaging. Broken or undersized wires or defective insulation may also be found using thermal imaging.

Fuse Issues

When the fuse is working at its full capacity then it will appear as a hot spot in the thermal camera. It will appear hotter in a thermal image and thus it can be detected. When the fuse is blown out and not working, it will appear cooler than the normal temperature.

Overloaded Circuit Problems

It will help you find all the problems with your overloaded circuit system.

Other electrical components that can be inspected are as follow:-

  • Transformers
  • Power transmission lines
  • Distribution panels, circuit breakers, and conductors
  • Computer and low voltage systems

Thermography is a non-destructive technique for detecting faulty connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation, and other possible issues in energized electrical components. Excessive power consumption, higher maintenance costs, or catastrophic equipment failure can result in unplanned service interruptions, equipment damage, or other issues.

How does thermography work?

Thermography, also known as infrared inspection, is a method of detecting heat emitted from an object’s surface in the form of infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is detected and converted into a temperature value or a thermal image, which can be used to determine the object’s thermal state at the time of measurement, using an infrared camera.

How can thermography be used to inspect electrical equipment?

Electrical resistance generates heat in energized electrical systems. The amount of heat generated is proportional to the amount of current flowing through the system as well as the resistance of individual system components and connections. The resistance of components increases as they deteriorate, resulting in a localized increase in heat. Similarly, a badly constructed connection would have higher resistance and a higher temperature profile than a well-made connection. These temperature variations could be detected using thermography.

Thermographic surveys for insurance companies

Thermo Elite Inc. has extensive expertise in all areas of thermal electrical inspections, and we have an advanced range of diagnostic thermal imaging services to ensure that all electrical components are in good working order and do not pose a threat. Regardless of your electrical needs, we offer high-quality industrial, commercial, and residential electrical services that are customized to your unique needs and project needs.

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