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Infrared Thermographic Inspection refers to a non-intrusive form of evaluation and fault-finding in an electrical system. The technology has gained a lot of traction, as it allows technicians to accurately predict that an electrical element will fail before it does.

The technology involves an infrared camera that senses heat build-up. When electric elements are under stress, their temperatures rise. The infrared camera will sense the heat increases, and send a signal just before the target element fails.

Infrared Thermographic inspection systems are now being installed in homes so that the electrical systems there are kept in check at all times. Annual infrared thermographic inspection systems are being demanded by home insurance firms these days as well.

Infrared Thermographic Inspection for Homes

Previously this inspection technology has only been available to large companies and factories. The costs of the inspection have been huge. However, the technology has advanced over the years and is now available for small businesses, and homes.

You can get in touch with any home inspection company near you and inquire about it. Your home insurance agent might recommend one as well if they are demanding an Infrared Thermographic Inspection report.

The inspection process involves vibration, audio, ultrasonic, and infrared analysis on the machines in your home. Infrared Thermographic inspection is on the electric systems. It will investigate all connections, electrical loads, electrical motors, motor windings, thermal insulations, etc. This helps to identify hot spots that could get damaged easily or are on the verge of failure.

Merits of Infrared Thermographic Inspection

The benefits of the Infrared thermographic inspection technology are many. The most prominent merit is that the technology helps prevent failure, which in some cases could cause a cascade of damages and losses. Other benefits include:

  • The technology helps to identify bad contacts and loose connections in electric systems. This encompasses overheating leaking units and unbalanced loads.
  • Infrared Thermographic inspections will save you a lot of costs in the long run. You’d rather prevent the failure, than wait for it to happen. You are saved from the risks of electrical fire and power outage losses.
  • The inspections also allow you to properly plan for maintenance. After the inspection, you’d know what part of your electrical systems should be given priority.
  • The inspection can be used to tell whether your electrical system is properly installed.

All these merits put together will translate into lesser costs, enhanced safety, and reduced risks of a power outage.

According to one large insurance carrier, up to 25% of all electrical failure is fully or partly caused by poor installation and faulty connections. It would be a good thing for your home or business if these faults are caught before they cause any damage. If your Infrared Thermographic Inspections are bringing back great reports you are likely to pay fewer insurance premiums. Electrical faults always pose hazards as well. It’s best if they are found and repaired as soon as possible.

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