Why Would You Need A Professional Thermographic Inspector?

Thermal imaging is a technique for collecting information about objects using infrared radiation and thermal energy. It is the method of examining a component under normal operating conditions using an infrared camera to search for abnormally hot or cold areas. This technology can be used in every area including maintenance, manufacturing, power generation and transmission, and taking thermal images of buildings. You can use the thermographic inspection to detect thermal irregularities during electrical or mechanical maintenance. Thermal imaging inspection can be used to detect thermal anomalies during electrical or mechanical maintenance.

How does thermal imaging work?

The science of infrared energy (also known as “heat”), which is emitted by all objects, is the basis for thermal imaging. This energy is also known as an object’s “heat signature,” and the amount of radiation released is usually proportional to the object’s total heat. Thermal cameras, also known as thermal imagers, are advanced instruments that use a sensitive heat sensor to detect minute temperature variations. They will begin to map out a picture based on the variations and inflections of the temperature measurements when they collect infrared radiation from objects in a specific area. Thermal images are typically grayscale, with white indicating heat, black indicating colder areas, and different shades of grey indicating temperature gradients between the two.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging cameras efficiently convert heat – or thermal energy – into visible light for analyzing the environment. As a result, they’re extremely adaptable. Thermal devices can see living objects and mechanical equipment even in the dark because they emit heat. These cameras are extremely precise and only need a small amount of heat to function.

Who can perform thermographic inspections?

It is recommended to hire a professional thermographic inspection company to perform thermal surveys. A company that has plenty of experience, is certified, has trained thermal engineers, highly advanced thermal equipment, and thermal imaging cameras can provide you accurate inspection results. A company like Thermo Elite Inc.

Why do you need a professional thermographic inspector?

A professional thermographic inspector is responsible to perform the inspection. The thermographer should be certified with lots of industry experience due to the complexity of properly reading the images, analyzing everything, and completing a comprehensive report on their findings.

How to find a professional thermographic company?

Getting in touch with a professional thermographic company is very easy. You can call Thermo Elite Inc. at 514-969-5150 or you can email us at [email protected]. We have years of experience performing thermographic inspections within Canada. Our team of professionals will customize the thermal imaging inspection according to your needs. Our prices are affordable but our service stands second to none.  We provide thermal imaging services to both commercial as well as residential properties. Below are a few of the services that we provide:

1. Commercial and home thermal inspection

Thermographic inspections are widely used for commercial and home surveys. Thermal imaging inspections can find hidden issues inside a building structure such as moisture, water intrusion, air infiltration, and in-floor heating system issues.

2. Electrical problems

There are many electrical problems inside our house that are not easily visible. Electrical issues can of course proof to be very dangerous as they can cause electrical fires. Many of these faults are not easily visible as they are hidden inside the walls, floors, or ceilings. The only technology that can help you find these faults without damaging your walls or floors is thermography. We can help you find any hidden issues with your electrical wiring, conductors, fuses, electrical panels, and much more. Often these faults lead to higher energy consumption and failure of equipment as well.

3. Water and moisture detection

Water infiltration can sometimes go undetected until the issue becomes so problematic that you begin to physically see the water getting in, which can cause significant damage. Moisture also leads to mold growth which can be frustrating to remove (note we do not specialize in mold or mold removal). Faulty plumbing can also cause significant damage if gone unnoticed for too long. Fortunately we have the right team and the right equipment to help you with any such issue.

4. Heat Loss Inspection

Thermographic inspections are widely used to find heat loss in buildings. You can use it for both residential as well as commercial building structures. Heat loss in a house or other commercial site can be very uncomfortable and at the same time, it can raise your energy bills as well.

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Our Thermography services are high in demand as they are affordable, accurate, and efficient. Once completed we will also provide a detailed report with all of our images and findings. Please call us at 514-969-5150 or simply email us at [email protected] to get a price quote.

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